PURE Turbos Stage 2 Turbochargers, S63 ('11-'17)

PURE Turbos Stage 2 Turbochargers, S63 ('11-'17)

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     PURE Turbos burst onto the tuning scene with it's offerings of upgraded factory turbos for BMW cars. Chances are, if you've seen BMW cars making big power and very quick passes on the 1/4 and 1/2 tracks, they're fitted with PURE Turbos. Now, PURE has started producing upgrades for the Mercedes Benz market. The M157 engine in the S63 is a powerhouse and with PURE Turbos it is a force to be reckoned with. Features include:

-Utilizes all OEM housings. Appears unmodified stock from the outside.
-Upgraded, Point-Milled, Billet Compressor Wheel
-Upgraded HiFlow Turbine Wheel
-Dual Compressor Oil Seals, Dual Turbine Oil Seals
-Large Diameter 360 Thrust Upgrade
-Extensive Turbofold Modifications and Machining
-High-Speed VSR Balanced

***PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A CORE REQUIREMENT. Core deposit will be waived if you send in your turbo to be upgraded. Turn around time is normally 3-5 business days for upgrade service. ***

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