RK Autowerks Carbon Intakes, M5 ('12-'16)

RK Autowerks Carbon Intakes, M5 ('12-'16)


     RK Autowerks has created one of the most proven and popular intake systems on the market for the F10 M5. Made BY enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts, these intakes are produced with state of the art methodology. The stock intakes as well as the engine bay were 3D scanned by RK to ensure proper fitment and precise MAF calibration set by BMW. The intake designs were then prototyped for fitment, flow tested, and dyno-tested. The final product was made via an autoclave carbon fiber production for a sleek and tasteful product.

The intakes are proven to free up about 20-30 whp over stock car without any tuning. You are able to combine it with ECU tuning or piggyback systems for additional performance gains.

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Flow testing performed by RK Autowerks on their intake system