Burger Motorsports Stage 1 chip, M5 ('12-'17)

Burger Motorsports Stage 1 chip, M5 ('12-'17)


The Burger Motorsports M5/M6 Stage1 tune has quickly become the gold standard in //M performance, reliability, and value. It installs and removes quickly, provides reliable 30-50whp/40-60wtq gains. Unlike some other competitors the BMS Stage1 tune is compatible with both base and competition flash vehicles. Drives as smooth as stock only with a lot more power available when you mash the pedal. 

Note: BMS adjusted the Stage1 tune so that special setting changes for the M5/M6 are no longer required. In addition they've removed the option to adjust the boost levels. Boost is fixed at a maximum of +4psi over stock. For higher power levels or heavily modified vehicles checkout the new BMS s63tu JB4 system.

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2015 M5, 100% stock other than Stage 1 chip and 93 octane fuel