GIAC Performance Software, GT2 RS ('10-'12)

GIAC Performance Software, GT2 RS ('10-'12)


G.I.A.C. raises the bar yet again with their GT2 RS programs for 93 and 100 octane.


  • Improved throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel
  • Increased torque limits to accommodate additional hardware modifications
  • Speed limiters raised to factory redline in final drive gear
  • Retains Sport Mode Functionality

With G.I.A.C. Software you can:

  • Revert to stock power mode
  • Switch to pump fuel performance mode (and be pinned to your seat).
  • Enable a security mode that will completely immobilize the car.
  • Reduce power in Valet mode so that ~50hp is available (enough to park a car).
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