GIAC Performance Software, GT2 ('08-'10)

GIAC Performance Software, GT2 ('08-'10)

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G.I.A.C. sets the industry standard once again with the release of their performance Flashloader chip program for the 997 GT2.

Flashloader is uploaded at our location or at one of our Authorized Dealer locations.

G.I.A.C. offers the only switchable program package for the GT2. This means you can switch between difference performance programs at the touch of a button. You can:

  • Change software programs for the use of 100+ octane Race Fuel and unleash more power
  • Enable a Security mode that will not let the car start, even with the key
  • Reduce power in Valet mode so that ~50hp is available, enough to park a car
  • Revert to stock power mode for dealer visits

Any of the above programs are available separately in addition to the pump fuel performance base program. Use the optional handheld switcher to switch between these programs. The switcher plugs into the factory diagnostic port under the dashboard.

See dyno sheet below. Also, take a look at how simple the handheld switcher unit is to use in the short video we link to below:

Power gains over stock summary:

  • +41 crank hp and +21 crank tq when used with stock muffler
  • +62 crank hp and +65 crank tq when used with AWE Tuning muffler
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