GIAC Stage 1 Performance Software, 991 Turbo ('14-'16)

GIAC Stage 1 Performance Software, 991 Turbo ('14-'16)

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Presenting G.I.A.C. Performance Software for the Porsche 991 Turbo.

This G.I.A.C. OBDII port flashed software packs a punch with peak gains measured at a G.I.A.C. documented 50-55 wheel horsepower and 45-50 wheel torque on pump fuel. Even more impressive gains on the race fuel program: a G.I.A.C. documented 100-105 wheel horsepower and 60-65 wheel torque. Drivability is designed to be as smooth as stock at idle and part load, but offer a big boost at full load. Software features include added boost, changes to fuel and timing, higher torque limits, and program switching.

Options are good:

The G.I.A.C. Porsche 991 Turbo Performance Software includes a G.I.A.C. Flashloader Handheld with a stock settings option and pump gas programming option. Race and Valet switching options are sold separately.

Software Installation:

Software installation can be performed via OBDII Port Flashing at an authorized G.I.A.C. dealer, or by sending the vehicle ECU directly to G.I.A.C. headquarters in Southern California (which AWE can help with!).

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Presenting G.I.A.C. 991 Turbo Software:

  • Handheld Flashloader and Stock Mode included
  • A G.I.A.C. documented peak gain of 50-55hp, 45-50tq on pump fuel 
  • A G.I.A.C. documented peak gain of 100-105hp, 60-65tq on race fuel 
  • Increased throttle response
  • OEM drivability
  • Due to the electronic nature of this product, there are no refunds once installed. Should you have a warranty claim please visit the AWE Tuning RMA page.
  • Technical question? Please contact GIAC directly
  • Please note: This product is for racing use only.